Love, don't be shy


Love, don't be shy Eau Fraîche

The original fragrance

Love, don't be shy
Refillable Spray 1.7 oz.
Love, don't be shy
Travel set 1 oz. (4x0.25 oz.)
Love, don't be shy
Carafe 8.5 oz

Body Pleasures

Love, don't be shy Shower Gel
Love, don't be shy Body Lotion
Love, don't be shy Scented Hair & Body Oil

An interview with perfumer Calice Becker

How would you compare LOVE, don’t be shy and its new version LOVE, don’t be shy EAU FRAICHE?
Love, don’t be shy takes inspiration from Orientale pastries and Turkish delights with a note of rose petals from Southern Europe. Love, don’t be shy is more intense, while LOVE, don’t be shy EAU FRAICHE expresses petals more fluidly, enhancing the scent of musk and is slightly less gourmand.

Technically, what is the difference between the two?
LOVE, don’t be shy EAU FRAICHE introduces a delicate heart of florals, with its Jasmine accord and an accord of petals including rose, peony and freesia. North African Neroli and its olfactive cousin, Petitgrain, as well as Serenolide, a white musk, add distinctive freshness.

Can you tell us more about the role of Petit Grain and Neroli in LOVE, don’t be shy EAU FRAICHE?
LOVE, don’t be shy EAU FRAICHE is really an exaggeration of Petit Grain and Neroli which, historically, are used in ‘Eau Fraiche’ fragrances. Together, they add freshness and an overall luminous aspect.