Make Perfume Visible


The obsession of founder Kilian Hennessy is to make perfume visible. But how does one make a fragrance visible? In the world of Kilian Hennessy, it’s not an abstract concept but a concrete obsession. He considers it his mission to translate fragrance’s inherent intangibility into desirable, cult objects we want to live with and share with others. 

And nothing is more visible than lips—for whispers, giggles, kisses and nibbles— “they make you fall in love with a woman.” KILIAN PARIS’s scented makeup range launched in 2019 with Le Rouge Parfum scented lipsticks: a wardrobe of iconic red, pink, and nude shades, also featured in liquid textures with Le Rouge Parfum Liquid Ultra Matte.

“My goal is to offer strong shields of protection and weapons of seduction at once. A great scent and a great lipstick are the two strongest weapons of seduction a woman can have!”

As with perfume, KILIAN PARIS puts makeup back on its pedestal, “Ultra luxe makeup should be the essential in the excessive.” Don’t be shy! Party with bold KILIAN PARIS looks.