Kilian Hennessy

The best way to escape an impressive line of descent – for Kilian Hennessy belongs to that illustrious dynasty of Cognac manufacturers – is perhaps to fly even higher and to forge, though a first name, a future legend. To rise up into the air like an essence; to retain what is essential. And so, for the last ten years, Kilian has taken a different path to gain a better understanding of what he had picked up in his youth (the oak casks), and the famous part des anges, the “angel’s share”, that magical emanation between cask and cognac, mysterious and disturbing, which calls to mind George Bataille’s “accursed share”, the dissipation of excess energy.

Kilian studied that strange language before going on to work with the great perfumers and perfume houses. And eventually, founding his own. That was Kilian’s long journey: ten years of dangerous liaisons with himself, the better to find himself. To escape, then, but leaving a trail for others to detect.