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Rolling in Love

White Floral Perfume
50ml Refillable Spray
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  • Fragrance Notes & Description
    Inspiration: An addictive intimate cocoon.

    Fragrance story: Rolling in Love is a musc de peau, capturing the sensation of feeling so high on love that it seems to almost “get under the skin.” Working with perfumer Pascal Gaurin, Kilian Hennessy took an entirely new direction. Rolling in Love is more direct and less faceted than his previous fragrances—almost “monochromatic” in its focused representation of a single emotion. Rolling in Love is a “white” scent, layering different textures along the scent’s trail with notes of ambrette seeds, almond milk, iris, and musk.

    Key notes: Almond milk, iris, musk.

    Olfactive Family: Narcotics - From rose to tuberose, from orange blossom to gardenia… Kilian flowers are composed like a narcotic dependence.

    Perfumer: Pascal Gaurin

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    White Floral Perfume
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