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Cruel Intentions, tempt me

Woodsy Floral Harmony
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  • Fragrance Notes & Description
    Inspiration: The deepest and darkest of red scarlet drips and melts, saturating the velvety petals of a rose, swirling around a core that conceals unspoken desire.

    Fragrance story: Passion that veers dangerously, Cruel Intentions, tempt me exposes floral rose absolute to a primal pitch, its thorns padded with powdery violet. Papyrus, gaiac, vetiver and bergamot essences lend a sexy quality–the sound of leather lashing on wood.

    Key notes: Bergamot, Rose, Gaïac

    Olfactive Family: Narcotics - From rose to tuberose, from orange blossom to gardenia… Kilian flowers are composed like a narcotic dependence.

    Perfumer: Sidonie Lancesseur
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    Woodsy Floral Harmony
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