“Perfume is an art for me, a messenger that opens a thousand doors in the memory.” - Kilian Hennessy.

“I want to put perfumery back on its pedestal by going back to the truth about perfume; back to the way perfume was made in the late 19th and the early 20th century, but adding a contemporary twist at the same time.” - Kilian Hennessy.

“A perfume must be at first a great story, long before being a beautiful olfactory harmony. A film director first writes the script and then begins the production… this is exactly how I went about developing each collection. Contrary to many of other brands who name their perfumes based on one main ingredient, I chose to name each perfume with both a “title” and a “subtitle”, expressing the notion that each scent is the beginning of a real story, one that has yet to be told. More complex, yet adding a great deal of depth to each particular scent. I create perfumes that express the emotion carried by the name. Nothing interests me more than approaching as close as possible to that truth.”- Kilian Hennessy.

“The creation process of a new collection is a long process that takes 18 to 24 months. I go through moments of happiness followed by moments of discouragement throughout the entire creation of the collection until one day everything clicks. Then it is absolute bliss!” - Kilian Hennessy.